Work With Spectrum TV

Do you have what it takes to be part of the Spectrum TV crew?

We are always on the lookout for experienced, presentable and creative camera operators, video editors and video directors.

There is also potential work available for other digital artists including graphic designers, After Effects editors and website developers. Who knows, you might have another skill that we can add to our spectrum!

Send through your resume today to see if you have something to add to our growing team of young, talented and hard working professionals.

Things to include in your resume:

Education, qualifications, years of experience, real world examples of your work including any links to shoots or edits online.

Important: Please also include your expected hourly rate of pay.

Does Spectrum TV offer work experience?

From time to time we have jobs that we are able to invite crew members onsite to earn work experience.

If you are chosen to gain work experience - remember - don't be afraid to get your hands dirty - there is still work involved in work experience!

Send all applications, clearly labelled with your name and talents in the address bar to:

Good luck!

Harry Miller

Director - Spectrum TV

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