Corporate Video

Corporate video production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material (such as DVD, High-definition video, streaming video or other media) commissioned primarily for a use by a company, corporation or organisation. A corporate video is often intended for a specific purpose in a corporate or B2B environment and viewed only by a limited or targeted audience. This may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.Corporate video production is frequently the responsibility of a company marketing or corporate communications manager. Examples of corporate video include staff training and safety videos, promotional/brand films, and financial results videos.

With the growth of digital technology, there is now often convergence between corporate video and other forms of media communications, such as broadcast television and TV advertising. For example, a company might feature a promotional video on their website(or a video sharing website such as YouTube), and is then potentially available to a much wider audience. Also, a corporate video may be produced using the same production techniques and style as a broadcast television programme as a way of engaging audiences who are used to viewing popoular media.

A corporate video production company may typically take the client brief, develop a script or storyboard, liaise with the client, and agree on a a production schedule and delivery date. The time and scale of a corporate video production can vary greatly. Some videos may use only minimal crew and basic equipment, whilst some large scale corporate videos may have similar (or often higher) budgets and level of production than a broadcast television programme or TV commercial.

The corporate video production process will frequently involve the following stages:

- Pre-Production, including script writing and storyboarding. The budget will also be agreed at this stage between the production company & client.

- Production, including location filming with a camera crew and director. This may also include other elements, such as actors and presenters.

- Post-production and video editing - the filmed (live action) footage is edited together. This may also include recording an audio voice-over, adding graphics, composing a music score or soundtrack, and including 2D/3D animation sequences with the finished video.

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